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Who is Zandre du Plessis?
I am a 6ft2 surfer dude that transformed from a mud hugging rugby player to a make up wearing model. I am through and through a South African that can’t get enough of people and nature. Animals are life.

How were you discovered?
I was walking in a school fashion show (no I did not win haha) and after the show I was told to meet some people in a classroom. There were scouts that wanted to meet me and so from there it started. I was signed a month later.


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Your personal passion or hidden talents?
I love nature and try and get away anytime I’m not working. I always try to help people wherever I can. Helping animals is also one of my many passions. My hidden talents are high-jump and
sports. I am a fast learner and I never forget! I can play loads of Instruments and it really takes no time at all to learn how to play them.

How does it feel being the face of Armani?
I feel extremely blessed and at the same time honoured to have been chosen to be the face of Armani. It was an amazing experience meeting the people that ran the production. I will never
forget the people I worked with and will forever be grateful. Thank you Mr. Armani.


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Now with Armani under your belt, what is your next dream modeling job?
I am ready to work even harder and get a fragrance campaign contract and make my name known. I am always trying to improve myself and be the best I can be for shoots and clients and most importantly be happy with myself!

Did becoming a model change your life in any way? What have you learnt from the modeling industry so far?
Yes!! I have learned more life lessons in this year of modelling then I have learnt in the past 19 years of my life. I have learnt to really never judge a book by its cover and that there are so
many people that actually like you for you. Like with Instagram comments that I get and I always try to comment back because all the words of encouregement really mean the world to me.



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