Interview with Vadim


Name:Vadim Ivanov

Age: 25

Measures: 185cm

Born in: Leningrad ,Russia

Agency: KULT MA Germany, NEXT London, TWO Management


MM-What means luxury for you :


MM-What you expect from and think about the fashion world:

VI-I just started in modelling, so recently I have no expectations

MM-Countries you would like to travel as a model:

VI-USA, Australia ,Paris ,Milan ,London

MM-Your favorite designer:

VI-Balmain, Diesel

MM-Your objective in your career / in the fashion world:

VI-I would love to work for Balmain and Diesel

MM-Funny story lived in the backstage:

VI-Not yet )

MM-If you were not a model you will be:

VI-I finished Law but I don’t want to work as a lawyer.

MM-Negative things for being a model:

VI-Money ;)in the begging always so hard   Maybe would love as a model booker

MM-Positive things for being a model:

VI-Travel and discovering new countries

MM-You Love:

VI-Great food, surfing, motorcycle, cars , reading good books

MM-You Hate:

VI-Fake people

MM-Your Last book was:

VI-The Great Gatsby

Credit: Men Moments


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